Football Terminology

Football contains an abundance of terminology specific to the sport. Understanding that terminology will enhance your knowledge of the game. To start, here is a list of offensive terminology.



The side to which a play is run


The side away from a play


The side away from Y

Weak Flow:

When both backs go weak

Strong Flow:

When both backs go strong

Split Flow:

When the backs move in opposite directions


Establishes flow to one side with the ball carrier cutting to the other side (misdirection play)


When backers are lined up behind a lineman


When a backer is covering a center,

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Football Game Rules

The sport of American football has several rules just like any other sport. In a High-School football there are total of 5 officials, or referees (NFL games have 7 officials)  that are on the field with the players. Each ‘ref’ has a particular area they focus on, but any ref can spot and call an infraction to the rules called a penalty or foul.

Impress your friends with your football knowledge… The head ‘ref’

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