Defensive Line

Defensive Lineman have probably the most physically demanding position on the field. They must be big and strong enough to stop the run as well as agile and fast enough to rush the passer.  You’ll often hear the expression that the best defensive linemen have a ‘great motor,’ in other words, they are physically fit, mean, nasty, and relentless! They must also understand their roll within a defensive scheme as it often calls for protecting a gap and taking on two offensive lineman in order to free up a linebacker to make a play. 

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Quarterback and Running Back Action

We have just finished a 50 minute video masterpiece that covers the running game, ball fakes and play action.

The new video is available for purchase for only $15.95. Coach Bill Cunerty, a three time National Champion Junior College coach and teacher to many of the nation’s elite QB’s, covers several aspects of the running game with former college and NFL players including proper hand-off techniques and footwork by the QB,

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Video iBooks Look Great on Any Device

Imagine reaching into your pocket, pulling out your smartphone and watching a stemming drill from chapter five!

Imagine being out on the field with your iPad, a few of your running backs and receivers and showing them illustrations of different coverages they will face!

Imagine having a cup of coffee while at your favorite computer watching and reading the new receiver book from My Football Mentor!

Pick your setting and choose your device because learning how to be an unstoppable receiver has never been better!

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Offensive Line

Playing on the offensive line is the second most demanding position behind Quarterback when it comes to football smarts.  Not only do offensive lineman have to be big, strong, and agile but they must have the knowledge to execute a multitude of blocking assignments against many different defensive fronts and formations.  The number one objective of any defense is to confuse an offense and they will do so with shifting, stunting, lining up in different gaps,

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The position of receiver requires a player to posses the greatest combination of athletic skills of any other position. Agility, hand-eye coordination, balance, precision of movement, deception, explosiveness, the ability to concentrate under duress, and toughness define a great receiver. “The ability to catch the ball within the heart of the secondary is like someone tossing you a T-bone steak inside a cage of hungry lions!  First you’ve got to catch that steak and then you’ve got to get out of there without getting eaten!”

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