Ever since the spectacular, one handed catch in the end zone last season by New York Giant’s wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr., you see it being talked about everywhere.  You can even find acrobatic, two handed catches while performing a backwards summersault all over YouTube!  Are these spectacular feats?  Yes, they certainly are but I can only imagine receiver coaches such as myself, all across the country, pulling their hair out because one handed catches go against the fundamentals we constantly preach and that is to “use both hands to catch a football”!  
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What Are You Doing This Off-Season?

It’s easy to argue that off season training is the most important phase of any football skills and conditioning plan. Not only will it help the athlete to recover physically and psychologically during the season, it will be hugely important to neurological and physical development of any player.

1. Neurologically, off-season training is where you can consistently repeat your basic technique movements (based on your position: backpedal, throwing,

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The16 Hour Day of Texas HS Football Coaches

Everything is big in Texas including the work hours, heart, and commitment of the High School football coaches. The following video shows a day in the life of Arlington Martin football coach Bob Wager, who spends 90 hours a week on the job.   A classic line in the video is, “I’d rather work 90 hours a week in a job that I love, than 40 hours a week in a job that I hate.”  (Video below by Jared Chrisopher/Fort Worth Star-Telegram)

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Players Win Games and Coaches Lose Them

There is a saying in sports that many of us have heard and that’s “Players Win Games and Coaches Lose Them”.  It sounds good and I hear it referenced often but what does it mean?  The success of a player is a direct reflection of the player/coach relationship.  The player/coach relationship is many things.  It is a coaches job to organize his team in such a way that his players are prepared for success.

I have five coaching “musts” that enable players to win games and they are as follows:

    1. Coaches must teach the players the proper fundamentals of the game
    2. Coaches must put each player in the best position to succeed
    3. Coaches must create a system that best takes advantage of the skills of the players he has
    4. Coaches must prepare players uniquely on a week by week basis depending who the upcoming opponent is
    5. Coaches must formulate game plans that take advantage of 1 through 4 on this list
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Are you having a difficult time getting your players to execute their job or assignment on a consistent basis? Is your team plagued with mistakes or penalties? Do your players seem lackluster at times or is it difficult to know whether they are actually ready to play a game or not? If these are some of the difficulties you’ve been faced with as a coach you’re not alone! There is a solution to these problems and it’s much easier than you think.

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The past super bowl was one of the biggest blowouts in NFL history.

It begs the question, “why did the Seahawks completely dominate the Broncos?”

Every sports show and site has analyzed this game to death and the conclusion has been that the Seatle defense was unbeatable.

Here’s the reality: Denver was simply out-coached.

The analysis and coverage mainly focussed on statistics and key match-ups.

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Six Characteristics of a Great Coach

How to be an effective coach is a question that many coaches need to address when evaluating themselves. Young coaches typically learn their craft from other more experienced coaches. It is a system whereas what is learned has often been passed down from coaches over many, many years. However, how to be an effective coach is not something that is necessarily passed on from coach to coach. There are nuances about coaching that have nothing to do with what is learned from other coaches but rather the personality of an individual coach.

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Have you ever tried to communicate with someone who just wasn’t getting what you were trying to say and ended up YELLING at them in an effort to make them understand?  How did that work out for you?

Do you ever get emails and THE PERSON WHO IS EMAILING YOU IS UPSET AND WANTS TO MAKE THEIR POINT BY YELLING AT YOU IN ALL-CAPS!  I don’t know about you, but I immediately want to send a reply and ask them to take a chill pill and settle down.

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