Hey Receivers, here’s a few great tips to keep in mind as you warm up, or just play catch with friends:

  • Catch the ball with another player from no further than five yards apart. This will help increase your reaction time.
  • Overemphasize seeing the ball into a tuck with your eyes.
  • Tuck the ball with the left hand on one throw and the right hand on another throw. Snap the ball into a tuck quickly and securely on every throw.
  • Step towards every throw. This emphasizes attacking the ball.
  • Catch the ball in front of your body. Don’t trap the ball against your body.
  • Be in a ready position on every catch which is hands at the midpoint of the body, shoulder width stance, and slightly bent knees.
  • Use your fingers to catch the ball and not the palm of your hands.

Practice all fundamentals like you would perform them in a game. If you warm up with precision you will play with precision!

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