Defensive Line

Defensive Lineman have probably the most physically demanding position on the field. They must be big and strong enough to stop the run as well as agile and fast enough to rush the passer.  You’ll often hear the expression that the best defensive linemen have a ‘great motor,’ in other words, they are physically fit, mean, nasty, and relentless! They must also understand their roll within a defensive scheme as it often calls for protecting a gap and taking on two offensive lineman in order to free up a linebacker to make a play. 

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Football Terminology

Football contains an abundance of terminology specific to the sport. Understanding that terminology will enhance your knowledge of the game. To start, here is a list of offensive terminology.



The side to which a play is run


The side away from a play


The side away from Y

Weak Flow:

When both backs go weak

Strong Flow:

When both backs go strong

Split Flow:

When the backs move in opposite directions


Establishes flow to one side with the ball carrier cutting to the other side (misdirection play)


When backers are lined up behind a lineman


When a backer is covering a center,

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John Pease

I have just reviewed the “My Football Mentor” website and I am glad to see a group of coaches that are giving some great coaching points to players, coaches, and parents. What a great resource this will be!

I especially love his video on DLine skills, drills and techniques. 

I have coached at all levels of football for 48 years. (22 in NFL & USFL) The resources in My Football Mentor are exceptional and applicable to ALL levels of player development.

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Ever since the spectacular, one handed catch in the end zone last season by New York Giant’s wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr., you see it being talked about everywhere.  You can even find acrobatic, two handed catches while performing a backwards summersault all over YouTube!  Are these spectacular feats?  Yes, they certainly are but I can only imagine receiver coaches such as myself, all across the country, pulling their hair out because one handed catches go against the fundamentals we constantly preach and that is to “use both hands to catch a football”!  
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Players Win Games and Coaches Lose Them

There is a saying in sports that many of us have heard and that’s “Players Win Games and Coaches Lose Them”.  It sounds good and I hear it referenced often but what does it mean?  The success of a player is a direct reflection of the player/coach relationship.  The player/coach relationship is many things.  It is a coaches job to organize his team in such a way that his players are prepared for success.

I have five coaching “musts” that enable players to win games and they are as follows:

    1. Coaches must teach the players the proper fundamentals of the game
    2. Coaches must put each player in the best position to succeed
    3. Coaches must create a system that best takes advantage of the skills of the players he has
    4. Coaches must prepare players uniquely on a week by week basis depending who the upcoming opponent is
    5. Coaches must formulate game plans that take advantage of 1 through 4 on this list
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An often debated topic in sports, particularly football, is the difference between power and strength and which is better. In simple terms, power is defined by moving an object between two points as quickly as possible. Strength is simply the amount of weight that can be moved and not the speed in which it is moved. So, which is more applicable to football?

Personally, I’ve always trained my athletes for power. Power translates to the movements required by all football players more so than strength does,

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Hey Receivers, here’s a few great tips to keep in mind as you warm up, or just play catch with friends:

  • Catch the ball with another player from no further than five yards apart. This will help increase your reaction time.
  • Overemphasize seeing the ball into a tuck with your eyes.
  • Tuck the ball with the left hand on one throw and the right hand on another throw.
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Things to know at the LOS for a Wide Receiver

As a receiver, once you break the huddle and get to the line of scrimmage there are certain things you need to know. Your football knowledge will go a long way in determining the success of the play and even the outcome of the game.

  • How many safeties are there?
  • What is the alignment of the corners?
  • Which side of the field is the strong safety on
  • What is the play situation?
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Are you having a difficult time getting your players to execute their job or assignment on a consistent basis? Is your team plagued with mistakes or penalties? Do your players seem lackluster at times or is it difficult to know whether they are actually ready to play a game or not? If these are some of the difficulties you’ve been faced with as a coach you’re not alone! There is a solution to these problems and it’s much easier than you think.

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A youth or High School coach should never underestimate the influence they have.  Young athletes often choose their careers, colleges, and future ambitions based on what they learn and feel from YOU! You play a gigantic roll in the development of your football players.

Coaches at the youth and High School levels have the most important role, even compared to college and professional coaches. How your players develop carries on into their adulthood as an employee,

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