How to Master the 40 Yard Dash Start (Part II)

In the first article I showed you how to effectively arrange your muscles and joints in the optimal position of a sprint start, based on loads of real world evidence and sound scientific research. Now I’m going to show you how to properly transition from your established setup so that you can maximize your first step and subsequent acceleration to record faster times than you had before! There are 6 essential elements that will be discussed.

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Ken Stills

Coach Van Tassel (with My Football Mentor) has known my son, Kenny Stills Jr., since he was seven years old.  When Kenny first entered high school I was the Secondary Coach for the Frankfurt Galaxy of NFL Europe.  My job kept me out of the country for several months prior to and during the football season.  Coach Van Tassel took Kenny under his wing while I was away and attended many of his football practices and games. 

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Utah Player Drops Ball at Goal line

Never stop until you cross the finish line! Unbelievable!
Travis Wilson throws pass complete to Kaelin Clay for 78 yds for a TD, but wait… Kaelin Clay drops the ball at the goal thinking he had scored.  Oregn Erick Dargan picks up the ball and runs 100 yards in the opposite direction for a TD.

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