C.A.P. (Coaching Assistance Program)

We have created a special off-season training regimen for high school football programs called C.A.P. (Coaching Assistance Program).  One to one coaching has become very popular in the last few years.  There are several coaches out there that market their services to the parents of players for one to one training.  Often, however, this happens without the knowledge of a player’s high school coach.

As a coach of a high school program, a valid concern for you would be to allow a coach to work with your players who is unrelated to your program and not familiar with what you coach or how you coach it.  How do you know that a player is actually getting proper training from these one to one coaches?  What is their background?  Are they qualified to coach a high school player?  What if they are teaching fundamentals and concepts that contradict what you teach your players?  This can be a huge problem when a player is being taught two completely different fundamentals and it undermines you as that player’s high school coach.  We understand this concern so this is why we have created a special system specifically for players that you would like our coaches to work with.  Here is how it works.

If there are players on your team that are interested in our off-season program and their parents want to invest in our services, we will make arrangements to meet with you and discuss what it is that a player needs to improve on.  We will discuss coaching principles and agree on the best way to coach the player.  Nothing will be implemented without your approval!  If we have a way to do something better then we will discuss this with you but only apply it if you agree.  We will give you a form that you can fill out where you can indicate the strengths and weaknesses of the player as well as certain specifics of your system.  It is similar to a Doctor diagnosing a patient and then indicating to a physical therapist what it is that a patient needs to strengthen.  You are the doctor and we are the physical therapist!

If we were to work with one of your wide receivers for example, here is a general idea of some of the things we would want you to put on the form:

  • Provide an evaluation, including strengths and weaknesses, of the player
  • We would like you to provide us a with a passing tree and how each route is to be run
  • We would like you to indicate how you teach your blocking fundamentals
  • We would like you to tell us what types of coverages you want the player to know

From that point we will create an off-season program specifically designed to address all these areas and it will be done so only after consulting with you.  Additionally, if the player needs to improve his speed and strength we have professional performance trainers that can create a program for that as well.  As a coach myself, I understand that you always worry about what a player is doing when he is not under your guidance and whether he is truly putting in the work necessary to be as good as he can be come training camp.

Please be sure to contact us with any questions about C.A.P. as we look forward to helping your players reach their potential!

Coach Van Tassel

Here’s the form

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