Are you a an underclassman High School football player?  If so, you have yet to experience what it is like to be a senior in high school.  I have been there and the one thing I can tell you is that you do not want to play your senior season with any regrets as you will never get a second chance at it. Here are some questions I have for you:

  1. Do you think you are as good a player as you can be heading into your senior year?
  2. Are you learning what you need to from your coaches?
  3. Are you 100% confident that you have mastered your position?
  4. Do you think you can play college football?
  5. Does the program you play for run a system that will showcase the position you play?An example would be a receiver who plays in an offense that is a run-oriented option attack.

If you answered no to one or all of these questions than you need to know what we can do to help you!  It is January 11, 2012 and you have approximately seven months to improve prior to training camp.  Once the season starts you are committed to competing with the skill sets and knowledge you have and there is no turning back.  Will those skill sets and knowledge be enough to allow you to draw the attention of college scouts? At My Football Mentor we can teach you how to be the best player you can be which will give you the best opportunity to earn a college scholarship.  Why?  Well, here’s why when you either purchase our online videos or sign up for our 1 to1 coaching programs:

  1. All of our coaches have either played or coached at the college or professional levels.
  2. All of our coaches are coaching the positions they played.
  3. Our coaches will teach you things you probably don’t know because we teach a level up.
  4. We will show you how to get the attention of colleges even if you’re not being recruited.
  5. Our online coaching videos are a reference you can learn from at any time.
  6. We have an abundance of information on our site that can help prepare you to be the best you can be.

1 to 1 coaching has become very popular in the last few years.  Not all high school programs have the resources to hire top notch, well trained coaches like colleges do.  There are numerous high school programs that don’t have enough money to hire a position coach for every position and several of the coaches on staff are volunteers.  Many players throughout the country will get overlooked for college scholarships simply because they have not received the type of coaching they need to and are unable to perform at the level they could.

The investment necessary to purchase our programs is repaid many times over if the skills we teach result in earning a scholarship when you consider the cost of a college education without the aid of scholarship money.

According to the College Board;In 2011-12, 44 percent of all full-time undergraduate college students attend a four-year college that has published charges of less than $9,000 per year for tuition and fees. At the other end of the spectrum, approximately 28 percent of full-time private nonprofit four-year college students are enrolled in institutions charging $36,000 or more yearly in tuition and fees. Of course, that’s not the total price. You still have to live somewhere, eat, buy books and supplies, and do your laundry.

Now is the time to take advantage of what we have to offer at My Football Mentor.  The clock is ticking.  Let us teach you how to perform your best and give you the greatest chance to earn that college scholarship!

Coach Van Tassel



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