NFL Total access has been discussing some of the things that Luck has been preparing for for the combine, including Andrew Luck’s work with Bill Cunerty on discussed coverages and blitzes.

The NFL Combine is the biggest interview in the lives of 329 young men.  This event is a vital step in athletes achieving their NFL dreams.

For good reason, much attention is being given to Andrew Luck, the standout QB from Stanford. There’s a reason for the hype. Luck very well might be the most NFL-ready player at his position over the past five or six drafts.  “He’s the real deal” says coach Cunerty, “One of best QB’s I’ve ever been around.”

Our very own, coach Bill Cunerty, has not only been working with Andrew Luck, but several other QB’s as well. Coach Cunerty is considered one of the best in the country at preparing these young men for the biggest interview of their lives.

Most people refer to Coach Cunerty simply by ‘coach Q’.  Here’s what coach Q said about his experience with Andrew Luck:

I had the privilege of working with Stanford University quarterback Andrew Luck as he prepared for the NFL Combine in Indianapolis.  Our workouts were at the Athletes’ Performance facility at the Home Depot Center in Carson, California from early January through late February.  In my 42 years in coaching, including the past 10 years with Athletes’ Performance Institute, I have never come across a more talented, dedicated, hard working, and personable young man than Andrew Luck.  His work ethic is incredible and his attention to detail in the film room and on the chalk board are second to none.  I applaud his high school and college coaches for preparing him so well, and I salute his parents for raising such a wonderful human being.  I never saw a hint of ego, but rather I saw a mature young man who was interested in becoming the best he could be, while making all the players around him better at the same time.  When other great athletes tend to gravitate to one particular person, you know instantly that they respect that person as a player and as a leader.  Andrew Luck will be a great success in the NFL, and he will be an even bigger success as a man, a husband, a father, and a leader of men.
Bill Cunerty

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