If you have a youth, high school, or football related website and are interested in earning affiliate commissions or fundraising money, be sure to contact us.  Simply add one of our professionally designed banners on your site and it will generate sales! Your organization will receive a percentage of every sale.  The banner ads below are just a sample of what we can provide you.

This is a really good opportunity for youth teams and leagues to make additional revenue and it costs absolutely nothing to get set up!  All you do is collect affiliate checks for every sale!

Any of our foreign affiliates, such as teams, leagues, or sports related sites in Europe and around the world have the same opportunity.  We sell plenty of training videos to players and coaches around the world so this opportunity is just as good!

This partnership can help you raise money and empower your website community with our high quality training videos and eBooks. In addition, anyone who visits our website has access to a wealth of football information wether they make a purchase or not!

We are on our way to becoming the #1 football training website in the world.  Join the team!

Contact us.

Coach Van Tassel


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