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Welcome to My Football Mentor!  We are a growing organization of players, parents and coaches with the sole purpose of empowering youth athletes to be their best.  We are developing the most comprehensive training, personalized coaching, and informational/inspirational resource website for young football players ever made. We believe this website can be a total ‘game-changer’ for athletes who want to become exceptional at their position on the field and in life.

“Our number one goal is to help football players become the best they can be…
on and off the field.”

The Big Three C’s

We provide position specific training videos that are both free and paid. In addition, we have over 100 articles on this website that cover topics like; weight training, strength/speed training, diet, football skills, recruiting process, game strategy and much more!  We also provide insight and examples to “The Big 3 C’s.”

1. Character
2. Classroom
3. Committment

Your Character will determine your destiny, success in the Classroom will shape your future, and Commitment to your team will determine the trust and respect you get (or don’t get) from others. Football Basics.

Every young athlete deserves a mentor: an adult who will never give up on them, who understands the power of connection and insists they become the best they can possibly be. 

Training Videos

All of training videos available in the store include a short ‘movie trailer’ to give you a taste of the full-length video.  Each video is designed to educate the athlete on the proper fundamentals of his position.

Our videos are taught by former professional or collegiate players and coaches. It is our opinion that, given the time in the off-season to take advantage of this program, more detailed and advanced techniques can be taught to youth and high school athletes which will give them an edge. It is often thought that high school athletes are not capable of learning advanced techniques (that are taught in the NFL) but this is where we disagree. Given the time to learn these techniques, even the most inexperienced players can learn them with the time and commitment.

The notion of high school level athlete’s not being able to learn advanced techniques is really only due to limited practice times during the year or the lack of position coaches available at certain programs.

The high school programs that have success year in and year out are those that have the resources to provide good coaching and extensive off-season training. Unfortunately, this is typically limited to very few public schools and mostly private schools that have the necessary financial resources and facilities.

Thank you for your interest in My Football Mentor.


We hope John’s video below gives you 1 minute of insight to the value of mentorship…


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