A Letter To Our Parents

Every parent wants the best for their children.  They want to see their kids work hard, have fun, and achieve all of their goals and dreams and they want to give their kids the best opportunity to do so.  Brad and I are no different.

Football has always been a big thing around our home.  Brad grew up playing football for his dad who was the head coach of the high school football team.  It was no surprise that our boys share the same passion for the game.  Like many young kids, their dream is to play college ball after high school and then go onto the NFL.  We’ve always taught our children that they can do whatever they set their mind to even if a very small percentage of players actually “make it.”


Our journey to myfootballmentor started when a friend suggested that we get our son, a high school freshman at the time, a personal coach.  We knew of a few people who had personal coaches/trainers for their kids, but didn’t even know where to begin with the process.  We started by going online to search for some options.  We certainly weren’t impressed with what we came across.

After several emails, phone calls, and scouring the web, a friend referred us to a very reputable quarterback’s coach, even though our son is a receiver.  This coach directed us to one of the best receiver coaches in the area (45 minutes from us).  Brad made a call to Eric Van Tassel.

After a 20 minute phone call with Coach Van we knew that, even though it would be an investment of time, travel, and money, it would be worth it to get our son one on one coaching, in-depth fundamental training, off-season training, and diet and strength training direction.  Coach Van, once a college recruiter himself, would also be able to teach us about the process of the possibility of getting an athletic and/or academic scholarship.

The thing that impressed us the most wasn’t Coach Van’s great credentials and knowledge of the position and game, but his sincere interest in our son, Blake.  Coach Van wasn’t interested in training a player who’s parents wanted it more than the player did.  His passion is to help kids not only be the best football player they can be, but he wants kids to have success on and OFF the field.


Both Brad and Blake were excited for the first training session and I was anxious to hear how it went.  The smiles on both of their faces when they got home said it all.  Both of them used the word, “amazing.”  They went on to tell me about how they both learned more about the position of receiver in the 75 minute session than they had in years of playing and watching the game.

Brad had brought a simple “flip” video recorder and asked Coach Van if he could video the session so that Blake could go over what he had learned.  The video they brought home was full of in depth training and technique and would be something extremely valuable to any boy playing the receiver position.  This is where Brad’s creative and entrepreneurial mind started working.

Having a background in web design, business building, and most importantly, a passion for the game of football, Brad thought, “Wouldn’t it be great to have a complete football training and instruction website?  There are so many players and families out there who may not have access or the resources to hire a personal coach themselves, but could greatly benefit from videos and online training.”

Brad secured the domain ‘My Football Mentor’ and began building a website. He later contacted Coach Van and shared his ideas of what they could create.  To Brad’s surprise, Eric had shared this same vision for years but he never found the right recipe of people to complete the process.  They definitely agreed on some major guidelines before they would start anything.

1. My Football Mentor is all about the kids and benefiting their passion and pursuit of the game of football.

2. No purchase necessary.  Whether people purchase anything from the website or not, they will be able to learn valuable information and be blessed and encouraged by being a part of the myfootballmentor community of people.

3. Quality and qualified coaches who share their same passion for the kids and the game.  No egos.

4. My Football Mentor will be a valuable tool for not only players and coaches, but parents  as well.

And so, myfootballmentor.com was created.  We are excited about the opportunity to serve coaches, players, and their families with a positive, family friendly, valuable experience through our website and videos. And like most phenomenas these days, here’s where were we let go and let you fill the pages of this site with your stories, questions, pictures, videos, and feedback.  A new community is forming and no matter what state you live in, or what position you play, you can celebrate with us in everything that is right with the game of football!

Excited to have you a part of this team,


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