A Rising Tide

I’m sure you’ve heard the phrase, “A rising tide raises all ships.” It’s based on the idea that when those around you succeed it lifts you up as well. I can speculate that the origin was not in reference to sports, but let me take a stab at.

I am a SDSU Alum. Don’t feel bad, you wouldn’t be the first to google the 4 letters to see what school that is. San Diego State University isn’t exactly a school known for turning out big crowds, top ranked teams or professional athletes. However, there are a few exceptions like Marshall Faulk (NFL Hall of Fame player) who walked the campus the same years I did. In fact, you might be surprised to learn that a few football coaching greats like; Don Coryell, John Madden, Claude Gilbert, and Brady Hoke have all paced the SDSU sidelines as coaches.

However despite decades of sparse attended arenas and stadiums, and lack luster sports programs something interesting began a few years back when just one of the SDSU programs started shinning. The mens basketball team kept winning and winning and found themselves in the sweet 16 for the first time in school history. And then winning started to infect a few other SDSU teams. It didn’t happen overnight but within a couple of years a winning culture and a new belief and pride in team and school began sinking into the athletes and fans. For the first time in decades thoughts like these began dancing in the players minds…

Maybe we can compete with the big dogs?  Maybe we can be National Champions? Maybe we should stop letting our past define us and step up to who we can be.

Not too long ago it would have been impossible to imagine anything but a section of red-and-black-and-really-loud students at Viejas Arena cheering their basketball team. Oh sure, a rock concert maybe, but a sporting event? Heck no, San Diego is the home of too much to do (beautiful beaches, a world class zoo, Sea World, a Surfing meca, Olympic training center, and a fun place to vacation).

But things are changing thanks to a rising tide created by the Men’s Basketball team that is lifting other teams to an unprecedented time of success at San Diego State.

The Aztecs men’s basketball team played an exhibition Monday night, and Viejas Arena was sold out. There was no mistaking the buzz in the building. Those who showed up were clearly ready to see just how good the 20th-ranked team in the nation can become. After the game the team signed custom high school football jerseys at uniformstore.com for youngsters.


I’ve never seen anything like it here. I Never thought I would.

It is just one instance of the insane success happening at a place where you’d be crazy to believe there could be such success.

As the basketball season is just getting started, the football team is closing out what could end up being its best season in 35 years and arguably ever. The Aztecs are 7-3 and just Saturday scored what is undoubtedly the most impressive victory in school history. Saturday’s 21-19 victory over Boise State was SDSU’s first win in 32 all-time road games against a top-25 opponent.

And earlier in the day, inside an auditorium in SDSU’s Fowler Athletic Center, the women’s soccer team gathered with others from the department to watch the NCAA selection show. Before his team learned of its No.4 national seed, head coach Mike Friesen welcomed those in attendance and thanked them for their support.

“What a great time to be an Aztec,” Friesen exclaimed.

His declarations about football’s victory in Boise and volleyball’s first-place standing were acknowledged by cheers.  Those involved are very much relishing the program’s success.

So what can we take from this? Here’s a thought, YOU are the Basketball team’ of influence where ever you are now. You can be the rising tide on a team of players who have got used to just coasting along.  You can be the rising tide on your team and raise the tempo and intensity in practice.  Your can be the rising tide that elevates your family to more success.  You can be the rising tide that lifts others up!

What will it take to rise the tide? A total unwaivering faith in your goals. Don’t let anybody tell you it’s impossible.  Don’t let anybody tell you that you can’t do it. You can do whatever you decide to.

I dare you, rise the tide and see what happens.
Let’s create some believers around us!


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